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George Ades' US Praise (irony)

"I've been told that I never have anything good to say about the US, that I've never given that country any "sugar", not even for a "lark", so here goes:

America is the greatest benefactor of the world, it gives out more in economic aid than the next ten countries put together and never expects anything in return.

It's the land where you can openly criticise the government without fear of persecution. It's where the laws protect the individual and the police "serve and protect".

US banks will meet your needs and show compassion, understanding and patience when you are "temporarily embarrassed",

The fact that groups like the KKK and the White supremacists are allowed to exist, is testimony to the fact that in the US, freedom of expression is a given right.

The US may have made some mistakes but its intentions have always been honourable when it came to helping solve other countries' problems.

No other country.....oh fuck it. I can't do this. It's been said I can spin a yarn, but this is beyond my abilities."
George Ades on Facebook, September 21, 2017: