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A student said: "A lot of us remember when first meeting you in the classroom. I think I can say that it was quite a cultural shock for most of us. I remember that I thought that you may have come from another planet or that you were undercover and we were participating in a reality program such as The Truman Show.

Your direct way of teaching made the class divide in two. Part of us were provoked and found it hard to accept another kind of thinking. And part of us found it extremely interesting to meet a teacher who was that straightforward; some of us found it inspiring to be challenged on our own understanding and prejudices – after a while. Because we were!" Christina, VIAUC dimmission, January 2014
”The archetype of these methods is of course the Socratic dialogue, where the teacher manages, by way of questions, to destroy the semblance of knowledge in the disciple, and replace it by true knowledge." (G. Gohau p. 191)
"Lars was hired as my student assistant for three and a half year from 1995 to 1998. Even by then he demonstrated originality and an impressive outlook over the scientific literature." (2000) Professor Jørgen Goul Andersen, Aalborg University

Curriculum Vitae

  • Sociologist
  • Associate Professor VIA UC [2008-2014]
  • Research Assistent Medical Sociology, University of Southern Denmark
  • Research Assistent CARMA, Center of studies in Work Relations, Aalborg University
  • Research Assistent Danish Center of Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Southern Denmark
  • Student worker (in Welfare Studies) for Professor Jorgen Goul Andersen, Aalborg University
  • Primary School Teacher 


Cand. Scient. Soc., AAU 2000

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