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Critique of Russia & China for Inconsequential Policy

Paul Craig Roberts writes:

"The entire world is helping Washington foment wars—including two targeted countries themselves—Russia and China—both of which are helping Washington foment more wars. Believe it or not, both Russia and China voted with Washington on the UN Security Council to impose more and harsher sanctions on North Korea, a country guilty of nothing but a desire to have the means to protect itself from the US and not become yet another Washington victim like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Serbia, and Ukraine overthrown in a US coup and now poverty-stricken.

I once thought that Russia and China were checks on Washington’s unilateralism, but apparently not. Both governments have been knuckled under by Washington and both voted to punish North Korea for striving to be sufficiently armed to protect its sovereignty from Washington.

Why are Russia and China repeating their same mistake that they made when they supported Washington’s no-fly UN resolution for Libya, a resolution that Washington and NATO stood on its head when they launched air attacks that helped the CIA organized “jihadists” overthrow Libya’s progressive government and murder Gaddafi?" Read more: 'Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death', Sep, 2017

Anthropologist and China researcher Dennis Etler on Facebook:

"The crisis in Korea has confused people as to China's and Russia's proper response. A few considerations must be taken into account.

One of the prerogatives of US foreign policy since the end of WW2 has been its presumed right to manage world affairs and set the parameters of the global economic and political order. It sees one of its major challenges as how to manage China's rise so as to direct it into channels favorable to US interests. In that it has admitted defeat. China has and will continue to operate in its own interests not those of the US.

As both China and Russia have assumed their rightful places in the world the task at hand now is how can they, in unison, manage the decline of the US imposed world economic and political order. That will be a long and protracted process with many ins and outs. The situation on the Korean peninsula must be seen in that light. Neither China nor Russia wants a hot war with the US. They both however want to try to talk the US down from the ledge it has put itself on."