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Media on Trial (the Syria London event, on the left)

Did RT Sell us the Afghani War?
Did RT Sell us the Iraq War? 
Did RT Sell us the Libyan War?
Did RT Sell us the Syrian War?
Did RT Sell us the Yemen War?
- by Clarity of Signal
You'd have to be an authoritarian fool to buy the mainstream media's war reporting. Because their fabrications always imply that that the targeted leaders are the suicidally stupidest people on Earth. Every time a target is set up and the whole World watch for an excuse to invade: What do our MSM tell us that the targets do? Exactly what will get them killed. So, Saddam Hussein gets his soldiers to kill hundreds of babies in incubators; Gadaffi (for the first time in his forty years in Libya) attacks and kills his own people; and Syrian's Assad both torture, gas and bomb his own people and hospitals.  
We know for a fact that all information from all Western politicians and media were false with regard to Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Logically, even children easily understand this: we cannot trust the politicians and the media on foreign politics (today). 
"... if you [look at] the current wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, and others, it is clear that something has changed. There is one dominant narrative that is being pushed by literally every mainstream media source, irrespective of their ostensible ideological bent. No matter where you turn, you read or hear about Assad’s “barrel bombs”, Gaddafi’s “massacres”, or “Russian aggression.” These reports invariably represent a point of view that is not only completely one-sided, but also factually wrong, even on the most basic of issues. How did US and NATO manage to achieve such an amazing discipline within the supposedly free and independent Western media? - There are essentially three parts to the answer: state oversight of the media; co-opting individual reporters; disseminating propaganda through covert means." War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, NATO Information Operations, 2017, South Front
"Whether it’s a Friday leak to the press (meant to overtake a damaging narrative on Sunday news programs) or a Friday “document dump” of damaging material (meant to be overlooked by reporters ready to start their weekend), such news events rarely happen as a result of a reporter’s intrepid independent digging. They’re orchestrated, leaked, planted and timed. And too often, we in the media serve as willing repositories for propaganda, talking points and spin du jour, whether generated by Democrats, Republicans or corporate interests. Deals are cut in secret. Backs are scratched. One hand washes another." 'Let's start giving media manipulation the attention it deserves', Oct 2016, Attkinson
"In a word, the American MAVM (Mass Audio Video Media) now hold precisely the same position regarding Washington, as Dr. Goebbel's propaganda machinery held vis-à-vis the Reich Chancellery in Berlin, and the Nazi Party. They have become nothing less than the propaganda arm of the state. Thus we saw 'embedded' journalists from CNN, Fox Network, ABC-TV, etc., reporting directly from Iraq, wearing their 'objective' USA combat uniforms - and having precisely the same role as the German Wehrmacht cameramen who stormed across Poland, bringing newsreel images of the blitzkrieg to non-critical and manipulated audiences throughout the Third Reich. 

Striking as well, was the religious zeal with which the American MAVM adopted this posture - thereby abandoning their own officially proclaimed professional standards of 'journalistic objectivity'. One wonders what is happening at this present time, within media education across the United States? Is professional media training also taking on board this agenda of manipulative nationalism, and inventing new 'codes of ethics and professional standards' to justify its practices? 
At the same time, we should remember that - as far as the media goes - all of this has happened before." Access (Britain's greatest filmmaker) Peter Watkins' Indispensable Book Media Crisis, here
"The lies and fabrications of the MSM are not the result of “sloppy journalism”. They are deliberate and are intended to mislead the public." Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images, 2016, Prof Michel Chossudovsky
"The ‘New Hitlers’ - Milosevic, Hussein and Gaddafi - who we were told were the ‘biggest threats’ to world peace, are dead and buried. But guess what? The killing goes on." Read: 'Three countries, three continents: One imperial Western project', 2017, Neil Clark

Jonathan Cook on Trusting Politicians and the Media (FB, Sept, 2017)

"The biggest division on the left is not on substantial political matters but between those who understand that the political and media elites are manipulating the public discourse to weaken us and those who accept *their* argument that claims of such manipulations, smears and mind-games are just conspiracy theories.

I and others have been seeking to expose these manipulations for many years - there are lots of examples on my blog. And it is not as if we lack evidence for this. Nick Davies of the Guardian had a chapter (number 6) in his book Flat Earth News with shocking details of the extent to which the major western security agencies had penetrated media around the world, including in Britain and the US.

Now we have a whole book that develops this theme further: The Smear, by former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson. She points out that political operatives have brought the CIA's dark arts into the world of modern social media. It was the CIA that promoted in the 1960s the idea of the "conspiracy theory" to discredit dissidents and regime opponents. In his review of the book, Neil Clark observes:

'The CIA internal memo of April 1967 goes on to advise station chiefs to "employ propaganda assets" – adding that "book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose." In 1977, Carl Bernstein revealed that over 400 American journalists had secretly carried out assignments for the CIA in the previous 25 years.
'Which begs the question: How many journalists, are working for it – and other allied intelligence agencies today – pushing the Deep State line on foreign policy and seeking to marginalize those who dare to challenge?'

Attkisson argues that nowadays, in our inter-connected world, these assets / smear merchants are working everywhere: government agencies, PR firms, "think-tanks," Super PACs, media conglomerates, and other lobby groups. She concludes with a warning whose importance I cannot emphasise enough: develop your critical thinking.
'One thing you can count on is that most every image that crosses your path has been put there for a reason. Nothing happens by accident. What you need to ask yourself isn't so much, "Is it true," but "Who wants me to believe it – and why?" 
The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free.
Aldous Huxley
All Western media reporting from Syria, since at least 2013 have been done in collaboration with Al Qaeda, Al Nusra etc. 'Who supplies the news?', 2017, Patrick Cockburn, London Review Books

Risk of Totalitarian Control

Facebook censorship is basically hung up on the 'Russian Hack' Lie (above): "“It is important that people understand how foreign actors tried to sow division and mistrust using Facebook before and after the 2016 US election,” the company said in its announcement."  Facebook To Inform Users If They Fell For Russian Election Propaganda, Nov 2017, HuffPost
"The stakes in U.S.-Russia relations could not be higher – possible nuclear conflagration and the end of civilization – but the U.S. MSM, Still Living in Propaganda-ville

Corporate Control 'Alt. Media'

Cook: 'Google’s new search engine bias no accident': "...the claim of “fake news” does usefully offer western security agencies, establishment politicians and the corporate media a powerful weapon to silence their critics. After all, these critics have no platform other than independent websites and social media. Shut down the sites and you shut up your opponents." Sept. 30, 2017