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Big Business' Destruction Greece

"No advanced nation has endured such a massive collapse in productive capacity building. The IMF, the European Commission and the ECB have conspired to destroy the prosperity of this nation for many decades to come. There should be criminal charges laid." Greece still should exit and escape the grip of the vandals, Febr 2017, Bill Mitchell
See Harald Schumann's documentaries about the EU on Youtube. Begin with this: 'The Trail of the Troika | A must-see to understand the situation in Greece.'
Lord David Owen, former EU Special Envoy for the Balkans, described Milosevic as a "Yugoslav” who was anything but an ideologue for a Greater Serbia or promoter of "ethnic cleansing. I agree with Owen. Milosevic often took Croats and Bosnian Muslims under his protection, and he stressed how they were used by the West and misled. He also mentioned in his defense the support of the Bosnian Muslim forces by foreign mujahideen. However, he was opposed to any overestimation of the "Islamic terror." He stressed instead that the U.S. was responsible for the importation of Islamic fighters. It was no coincidence that the non-Serbs facing charges also respected him.

I was impressed by the reports of the defense witnesses, with whom I had close contact. They were Western politicians, diplomats, military officers, journalists who, in one way or another, witnessed the war. And all of their statements they confirmed that the allegations against Milosevic were as false as everything else that has been reported about Yugoslavia." -- Cathrin Schütz, part of Milosevic' defence team

"... the strength of the report is that it unequivocally shows how the German government, which includes the Green party that was once at the fore of the pacifist movement in Germany, pushed through the first combat deployment of German troops since the demise of the Nazi regime. To achieve this aim, the government employed a propaganda apparatus that has also not seen its like since 1945." -- Dietmar Henning, 2001, on 'It Began With a Lie, German TV Report'

"During the lecture “After Libya – Syria and the permanent members of the UN Security Council”, professor Tunander compared propaganda in Libya and Syria to propaganda in Bosnia during the war. “It appears a common practise to perform so-called “false-flag operations” prior to the enactment of UN Decisions, more precisely, to fake attacks against own population, in order to give legitimacy to military intervention”, says the Norwegian expert."

Conclusion: "Nazi Germany committed genocide in Yugoslavia 1944-45. NATO, Germany with US & Europe committed genocide in Yugoslavia (on Serbs) in the 1990ties. This time ALL Western politicians, media and academics joined the propaganda lies to have NATO destroy Yugoslavia. The critical (true) literature is evidence that the NATO war.on Yugoslavia was based on a Big Conspiracy Lie supported by the total Western 'coverage'. It then becomes a prism for the later as 'totalitarian' illegal wars on Iraq, Libya and Syria etc. It shows the Western intel agencies' ability to control the Western public sphere and make the Western peoples applaud Nuremberg scale war crimes." -- Homo Sociologicus/LJ, 2017