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"Dear Lars:

I am in complete agreement with your statement on the Charlie Hebdo rallies.
Only a small number of American have spoken out in similar fashion about this
polarized counter-attack on Muslims. But at least also the Pope. (...)

You are welcome to quote me in agreement.

Best wishes, Randall"
Estimed US sociologist Randall Collins' comment about my article published in the swedish Dagens Arena today - 2. February 2015


On the importance of the matter we have testimony from ancient times. Everybody knows that conceptual clarity was essential for Socrates. But let us here take an even older example. When Confucius one time was asked, what he considered to be of the greatest importance in the art of government, he answered: To put words and concepts correctly. Because if the concepts don't fit, the works won't be made. If the works aren't made then morality and art cannot thrive. And if morality and art do not thrive then the punishment do not hit the targets. And if the punishments don't hit, the people don't know where to put the hand and the foot. - That is why the scholar make sure that he can transform his words into action. The scholar cannot endure anyting in his words that do not fit. This is what everything depends on.
Knud Grue-Sørensen
Many people say that it is the intellect, which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.
Albert Einstein