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The Neoliberal Corruption of Finance & Legitimation of Fraud

"The movement toward the neoliberal utopia of a pure and perfect market is made possible by the politics of financial deregulation. And it is achieved through the transformative and, it must be said, destructive action of all of the political measures (of which the most recent is the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), designed to protect foreign corporations and their investments from national states) that aim to call into question any and all collective structures that could serve as an obstacle to the logic of the pure market: the nation, whose space to manoeuvre continually decreases; (...) "In this way, a Darwinian world emerges - it is the struggle of all against all at all levels of the hierarchy, which finds support through everyone clinging to their job and organisation under conditions of insecurity, suffering, and stress. (...) Can it be expected that the extraordinary mass of suffering produced by this sort of political-economic regime will one day serve as the starting point of a movement capable of stopping the race to the abyss? Indeed, we are faced here with an extraordinary paradox." Pierre Bourdieu: The Essence of Neoliberalism',1998 / Read more on Neoliberalism

Today's US Corporate Control of Politics & Financial System 

"For over a decade there has been an unofficial and underreported agreement between Wall Street Executives, our Congress and the Department of Justice. The agreement is simple, Wall Street will do what it pleases and continue to share its wealth with our Politicians and in return our Politicians will make sure the Department of Justice never prosecutes the Wall Street Executives." Wall Street Demanded the Nuclear Option and the Congress Delivered, 2017, R Lawless
The video below indicates the problem of a divide between a political elite blindly supporting the corporate power structure of society against ordinary people. Saving the economy the american government compensated Goldman Sacks, a company much co-responsible for the crisis, with 12 billion dollars (12.000 million dollars or about 75.000 million Danish Krones). The stimulus package for the entire American economy was less than 9 billion dollars. - Obama then chose the same people (Bernanke) most responsible for the Feds' politics leading to the crisis to handle the crisis (on Geithner's/Feds' responsibility). Bernanke thinks himself a hero for his role. Eliot Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke Complicit in Financial Crisis and Should Go   

"'The capitalist system's very success,' said Schumpeter, 'undermines the social institutions which protect it, and 'inevitably' creates conditions in which it will not be able to live.' The worst of these conditions is a state of moral decay and social anomie that is politically dangerous."

The most Powerful Intellectual Weapon Against Neoliberalism is: MMT (Modern Monetary Theory): HS MMT LINK

The anti-democratic logic of corporate US foreign policy can teach about this too. LINK 

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