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Corporate Political Power & The Legitimation of Fraud

The video below indicates the problem of a divide between a political elite blindly supporting the corporate power structure of society against ordinary people. Saving the economy the american government compensated Goldman Sacks, a company much co-responsible for the crisis, with 12 billion dollars (12.000 million dollars or about 75.000 million Danish Krones). The stimulus package for the entire American economy was less than 9 billion dollars. - Obama then chose the same people (Bernanke) most responsible for the Feds' politics leading to the crisis to handle the crisis (on Geithner's/Feds' responsibility). Bernanke thinks himself a hero for his role. Eliot Spitzer: Geithner, Bernanke Complicit in Financial Crisis and Should Go   

"The capitalist system's very success,' said Schumpeter, "undermines the social institutions which protect it, and 'inevitably' creates conditions in which it will not be able to live.' The worst of these conditions is a state of moral decay and social anomie that is politically dangerous.

Pure economy is fascism. Collingwood.

Project Camelot/Whistleblowers etc.


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