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Sociology is socially weak and all the weaker, no doubt, the more scientific it is. (But) any political program that fails the possibilities for action that science can help uncover, can be guilty of non-assistance to a person in danger.
Pierre Bourdieu

Financial support to my work

I should have used the past couple of years writing sociology articles and a book on sociology. But after following events in Greece in the spring of 2015 I saw how ruthless the corporate power relations control the Western world. So, I changed priorities. Moreover, I discovered that the corporate power relations control our politicians and the media. In short, the Western media 'inform' people to accept the destruction of our civilization even to applaud their own suppression and 'our' consecutive destruction of foreign nations. So, I went on to find out more about how we are and have been betrayed by journalists and the academic world. This led me into (intelligence) areas that are vital to understanding the real mechanisms of our democracies. The logic here is so powerful exactly because it is silenced and taboo in the media, politics and also in the academic world. The short version is that Western intel agencies work for the corporate power relations to suppress unions and left wing politics at home, while they work to undermine democratically elected leaders abroad.
Our children's future is at stake. 
My site is both a public resource page and my personal research resource. As the Parisian HEC's motto explains: "the more you know,  the more you dare". The peoples are suppressed by overwhelming loads of corporate fabricated 'information'. People need critical credible resources to match it. The idea is to research and collect so much reliable information on critical issues so that people may be able to resist if not break the corporate framings of issues. This way people have a chance to learn thhe true explanations and counter the political 'logos and necessities' made for neoliberal politicians and the corporate power relations. 
I work to find the most important information. I need financial support to keep it up. Each small amount is a very welcome sign of public support. But I need help from people able to spend more to support my efforts, if I shall be able to go on. 
Yours sincerely
Lars Jørgensen, sociologist, Denmark
NB. If my home page gets public traction, I hope to attract co-editors and co-bloggers. 
The more you know, the more you dare.
HEC, Paris
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