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What George Monbiot Covers Up on Yugoslavia

25-11-2017 10:38
I really don't care what Monbiot says. He is covering up and legitimizing the Guardian's systematic suppression of the Western people. I regard him as a betrayer of journalism helping to kill people at home and abroad. But recently I have come to learn that he systematically covers up for NATO's lies and attacks journalists, who actually fight to tell people the truth about, what is going on in the world. How NATO lies, fabricates and deliberately destroys nations - inclusive committing mass murder in the hundred thousands. Just as Monbiot is a complete liar, attacking the best people to cover up NATO's lies on Syria today, I have come to learn that he was also a complete liar on Yugoslavia, covering up for NATO and attacking one of the very finest and most important academics in the twentieth century, Edward Herman. Thanks, but no thanks, I am disgusted Mr. Monbiot. So, I take this as a welcome opportunity to put my ressource page on Yugoslavia into some practical use.
The most important lesson from Yugoslavia is not only that all NATO nations lied in the most totalitarian manner, used false flags, fabrications and extremist Mujahideen mercenaries there. The most important lesson is that the War in Yugoslavia made NATO and the Western nations into a single completely cynical totalitarian info- and war machine. It is in this perspective that Monbiot's attacks show their true colour in all its horror. He is trying to shut up the last remaining people, who are working to inform people about the truth of our nations.

Lies? Nah, rather fabrications on an unheard scale, false flags and NATO soldiers killing civilians to blame the Serbs and legitimize bombing the Serbian people on a false pretext

So it begins. It is almost false to simply say that all information in the Western media, by the politicians, NATO etc. was false. It is worse than that. It is more accurate to say that all information on Yugoslavia, used to conduct and legitimize the war on Yugoslavia relied on fabrications.

To destroy Yugoslavia, NATO and its corporate masters succeeded in recruiting the Western left politicians. Joschka Fischer and the German social democratic government with Gerhard Schröeder as Prime Minister deliberately misinformed the German people and everybody else of course. This was a necessity to bring Germany into war for NATO and most helpfulp in mobilizing the European peoples. Evidence can be found in an important German documentary from 2001. A NATO spoke person praises the German politicians for their lies that were instrumental in dragging Germany back in to war. A very experienced Swedish peace researcher with connections in NATO, Tunander later informed the world at a peace conference, that high-ranking NATO people had admitted to him that they knew the truth and had lied deliberately.
Then we come to the even more criminal aspect of the war on Yugoslavia. British SAS special forces made false flags and deliberately killed civilians. Together with Mujahideen extremist mercenaries they attacked civilians and blamed the Serbs. A French colonel from the French Foreign Legion later wrote a book, where he explained that his men had fought NATO’s forces at Pristina, with the title Europe died at Pristina (in French). Another French officer, Bunel gave the Serbs information about coming NATO bombs. There were Western journalists at the time trying to inform people that NATO deliberately bombed the Chinese embassy and important media station, to kill the Yugoslavian journalists, who were informing the Yugoslavia people about what was happening. Bunel was imprisoned. He also wrote a book on it. It should also be mentioned that some of the Spanish pilots refused to fly and bomb in Yugoslavia.
To mention only thing about the after-play. NATO later denied Milosevic Russian medical help in prison, so he died. One of his lawyers, Christopher C. Black is rather sure he was killed deliberately this way, by NATO making sure that he was not getting the proper treatment. But even though Milosevic was set up in a completely NATO controlled false trial, he was still evicted posthumously in 2016. I guess there are still some judges with decency.
The Western media never reported how false, they had all been on Yugoslavia. Nor did the UN, the politicians or NATO. Of course they did not. If they did the wars that followed would not have been possible and all the implicated Western politicians would have been forced out of politics, completely dishonored if not trialed, jailed and perhaps even hanged.
Former advisor to JFK and most knowledgeable on economics, US intelligence and history, Sean Gervasi, husbond to Heather Cottin, predicted it years before it happened. He talked about it and warned about the coming war on Yugoslavia. Gervasi held a lecture in 1996, ..., where he among other things explained this:

Text excerpt from Gervasi's Warning on the real situation - 1996

"The Struggle for Mastery in the Balkans

We have been witnessing, since 1990, a long and agonizing crisis in Yugoslavia. It has brought the deaths of tens of thousands, driven perhaps two million people from their homes and caused turmoil in the Balkan region. And in the West it is generally believed that this crisis, including the civil wars in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, was the result of internal Yugoslav conflicts, and specifically of conflicts between Croats, Serbs and Bosnian Muslims. This is far from the essence of the matter.

The main problem in Yugoslavia, from the first, was foreign intervention in the country's internal affairs. Two Western powers, the United States and Germany, deliberately contrived to destabilize and then dismantle the country. The process was in full swing in the 1 980s and accelerated as the present decade began. These powers carefully planned, prepared and assisted the secessions which broke Yugoslavia apart. And they did almost everything in their power to expand and prolong the civil wars which began in Croatia and then continued in Bosnia-Herzegovina. They were involved behind the scenes at every stage of the crisis.

Foreign intervention was designed to create precisely the conflicts which the Western powers decried. For they also conveniently served as an excuse for overt intervention once civil wars were under way.
Such ideas are, of course, anathema in Western countries. That is only because the public in the West has been systematically misinformed by war propaganda. It accepted almost from the beginning the version of events promuligated by governments and disseminated through the mass media. It is nonetheless true that Germany and the US were the principal agents in dismantling Yugoslavia and sowing chaos there.

This is an ugly fact in the new age of realpolitik and geo-political struggles which has succeeded the Cold War order. Intelligence sources have begun recently to allude to this reality in a surprisingly open manner. In the summer of 1995, for instance, INTELLIGENCE DIGEST, a respected newsletter published in Great Britain, reported that:

The original US-German design for the former Yugoslavia [included] an independent Muslim-Croat dominated BosniaHerzegovina in alliance with an independent Croatian and alongside a greatly weakened Serbia. [6]

Every senior official in most Western governments knows this description to be absolutely accurate. And this means, of course, that the standard descriptions of "Serbian aggression" as the root cause of the problem, the descriptions of Croatia as a "new democracy", etc. are not just untrue but actually designed to deceive." LINK TEXT

A note on the NATO controlled after-play

Gervasi died later that year from from stomach cancer in Belgrade, LINK. His talk was later honored on the launching of the important media site Global Research. A site all Western journalists and academics to this day have suppressed and stigmatized, thereby doing the greatest service to Western media propaganda and political lies, and to NATO, CIA, MI6 etc. hindering the Western people - and themselves - from taking the most crucial critical information seriously.
I also used to be rather sceptical about Global Research, but after reading critical information on NATO's wars and destructions for a couple of years now, every day and from hundreds of sources, my mind and vision have gotten accustomed to knowing that Global Research generally, we all make mistakes, provides some of the most crucial important information out there. And of course, nobody has an immaculate perception seeing reality with the bare eyes, an illusion Nietzsche warned about, so it does take time to get out of the false Western world view created attending Western propaganda and lies for years if not decades. Just as it takes a couple of years for chemists working in a lab to be able to see correctly and clearly in a microscope.
Read the text excerpts in the middle of my home page on Yugoslavia. And know that the truth is completely different from what we have heard for decades. I must also mention Luciana Bohne here. Her heartbreaking informative articles, writing from her own childhood experience with German bombs in her village and the horror of German soldiers killing village men to today's bombings in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria etc. Luciana's knowledgeable mind put me into begin knowing all of this only a couple of years ago, where I went into her and other knowledgeable people's Facebook University. If I had not come to know her via Facebook, I would probably never have come to completely changing my mind away from everything, that I thought I knwe about NATO, our politicians and the wars from Yugoslavia. This was the beginning of me finding out the truth about, what the EU did to Greece (a corporate/Goldman Sachs' economic war on the nation) and that everything we hear on Syria is completely false.
Perhaps it is possible for readers now, given the sketchy critical perspective above, to appreciate Edward Herman's text 'The Srebrenica Massacre was a Gigantic Political Fraud', 2016, Global Research LINK. Herman died a short while ago. RIP Herman. To paraphrase Erwing Goffman, I wish that I had been even close to almost meeting both Herman and Gervasi.
Dear reader, you can go to my page on Yugoslavia to read a longer summation on NATO's war on Yugoslavia made by excerpts from important literature on the subject. Link below together with other links related to NATO's 'foreign policy'.
Merci bien 😉
Lars Jørgensen, sociologist, Denmark
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