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"We opened our minds. More important we opened our hearts"
Who do you imagine might say something like that? A social worker? A new age traveller? A cleric of one or other faith? - How about a Deputy Chief Fire Officer at West Midlands Fire Service. He was launching their report“Improving Lives to Save Lives – the role of West Midlands Fire Service in contributing to Marmot objectives”. He said that they opened their minds to the Marmot Review, Fair Society Healthy Lives, and they opened their hearts to what they could do to help the poor and the needy in the communities they serve and of which they form an important part.
Their principles are Prevention, Protection, and Response. They have given an undertaking to respond within five minutes to a call for a fire. They spend between 6 and 10% of their time responding to fires. With training, shifts, and preparation that comes to about half their time. They have been innovative, creative, and committed in using the other half of their time to enhance the communities they serve.They quote us in pointing out that both health and fires follow the social gradient. Prevention of one is likely to help in preventing the other." (This text is copied from Michael Marmot's Health Equity Site - link here) MONDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2014