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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations." George Orwell
'Trump, ‘fake news’ and the war on dissidents': "In other words, journalists aren’t “cravenly taking orders from bosses”. Journalists like Robinson are selected for their highly partisan assumptions, because they proudly believe in and promote orthodoxy – in this case, the legitimacy of the neoliberal system." Sep. 2017, Cook
"Propaganda is most effective when our consent is engineered by those with a fine education - Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia -- and with careers on the BBC, the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post. These organisations are known as the liberal media. They present themselves as enlightened, progressive tribunes of the moral zeitgeist. They are anti-racist, pro-feminist and pro-LGBT. And they love war. - While they speak up for feminism, they support rapacious wars that deny the rights of countless women, including the right to life." John Pilger on the liberal media
"In a few generations it will seem ludicrous to historians that a people professing government by the will of the people should have made no serious effort to guarantee the news without which a governing opinion cannot exist.
‘Is it possible’, they will ask, ‘that at the beginning of the twentieth century nations calling themselves democracies were content to act on what happened to drift across their doorsteps (…)
And then they will recall the centuries in which the church enjoyed immunity from criticism, and perhaps they will insist that the news structure of secular society was not seriously examined for analogous reasons.” Park & Burgess (1938)
"Among the highest powers of the press is the capacity to stand as witness to the unfolding of events and to tell it like it is. Bill Moyers likes to cite the example of Martha Gellhorn.
After half a century as a journalist, from the Spanish Civil War to the Nicaraguan Civil War and everywhere in between, one of the great war correspondents of the twentieth century, she had little faith in the promise of journalism to change the world. But she found a different sort of power to the press. “Victory and defeat,” she wrote, “are both passing moments. There is no end; there are only means. Journalism is a means, and I now think that the act of keeping the record straight is valuable in itself.” 'The Myth of the Fourth Estate - What is the true purpose journalism?' By Gregory Shaya
“But newspapers have a duty to truth”, Van said. Lev [Trotsky] clicked his tongue. “They tell the truth only as the exception. Zola [French novelist of “J’accuse” fame] wrote that the mendacity of the press could be divided into two groups: the yellow press lies every day without hesitating. But others, like the Times, speak the truth on all inconsequential occasions, so they can deceive the public with the requisite authority when it becomes necessary.” Barbara Kingsolver's novel “The Lacuna” (quote in Polya, 2017) 

Media, Analysts & Journalists (critique always welcome)

Critical Information on US Empire, War & Western Corporate Power.  
  1. Parry + 
  2. Voltaire Net/Thierry Meyssan +
  3. Information Clearing House/ICH
  4. Justice Integrity Project, Andrew Kreig
  5. Strategic Culture
  6. Naked Capitalism
  7. Black Agenda Report/Glen Ford +
  8. Just Foreign Policy/Mark Weisbrot +
  9. Corbett Report
  10. What's left, Gowans
  11. Zero Anthropology
  12. MR/Monthly Review
  13. Counter Current
  14. Global Research
  15. Bella Caledonia
  16. New Eastern Outlook/NEO 
  17. Oriental Review
  18. Black Star News/Africa
  19. The Unz Review 
  20. The Vineyard of the Saker
  21. Moon of Alabama
  22. Mediapart
  23. Medialens 
  24. Wikileaks 
  25. Washington's Blog 
  26. If Americans Knew Blog/US-Israel
  27. Investig'Action/M Collon 
  28. OffGuardian 
  29. Wayne Madsen Report 
  30. 21. Century Wire/V. Beeley
  31. The Real News 
  32. Junge Welt
  33. Deutche Welle
  34. Les Crises
  36. RT/Russia Today
  37. Sputnik News
  38. Media with Conscience/MWC
  39. Current Concerns
  40. Anti-War Blog
  41. Land Destroyer Report
  42. Sofrep - Veterans Intell
  43. Clarity of Signal
  44. Jack Pine Radicals
  45. The Hampton Institute
  46. CADMT/Illegitimate Debt
  47. The Centre for Freedom of the Media
  48. US - Russia Think Tank/links people
  49. TruePublica/UK 
  50. ISCI/International State Crime Initiative
  51. Dissident Voice 
  52. Shadow Proof
  53. The Corbett Report
  54. Wrong Kind of Green 
  55. South Front
  56. The Intern. Forecaster/Corbett
  58. Arret sur Info 
  59. Memoires de luttes 
  60. Zero Hedge 
  61. The 4 Media/Chris Hedges +
  62. CounterPunch
  63. Fair
  64. New Internationalist/John Pilger
  65. Veterans News Now
  66. Project Censored
  67. Axis of Logic
  68. Spy Culture
  69. Insurge Intelligence 
  70. The News Doctors 
  71. Alternet
  72. Mint Press News 
  73. Defend Democracy Press/Delphi Project 
  74. Transcend Media Service 
  75. We Are Anonymos 
  76. Truthout 
  77. ZNet 
  78. Mondoweiss/Israel
  79. AntiWar/Libertarian 
  80. Ron Paul/Libertarian
  81. The Canary
  82. Intelligence Online
  83. New Mathilda
  84. Africa Intelligence
  85. La LettreA
  86. Project Censored
  87. Electronic Intifada 
  88. Clarity of Signal
  89. Almasdar News, Syria
  90. Fars News, Iran 
  91. Inside Source News/Middle East 
  92. The Russophile 
  93. The Freedom Fight Info 
  94. Thom Hartman 
  95. Bill Moyers 
  96. Hang the Bankers 
  97. Occupy.Com 
  98. MrZine 
  99. TruthDig 
  100. The AntiMedia 
  101. The Greanville Post 
  102. The Unz Review 
  103. SOTT/Signs of The Times 
  104. Center for Public Integrity
  105. Newsbud 
  106. Pambazeka News/Africa 
  107. Empire Strikes Black 
  108. Le Monde Diplomatique
  109. Alwaght 
  110. Want to Know 
  111. TeleSur 
  112. Granma Daily/Cuba
  113. Press TV/Iran
  114. Pravda
  115. Syria Times 
  116. Fars News
  117. Alalam
  120. Asia Times
  121. The Asia-Pasicif Journal/Japan 
  122. Sputnik  
  123. RT/Russia Today 
  124. China Daily 
  125. Peoples Daily 
  126. China Dialogue 

Propaganda Media//Evidence

Professor in Media Science Mark Crispin Miller (Oct 2017): ""The Guardian, just like the NY Times (and BBC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC et al.), is rather obviously at the daily service of the CIA." Link: Collection of Miller Interviews, Lectures 
'But others, like the Times, speak the truth on all inconsequential occasions, so they can deceive the public with the requisite authority when it becomes necessary.' Zola/Kingsolver
"Judging it not only by its journalistic quality, but also by its harmfulness to peace, democracy, our civil liberties and public health, the New York Times is now the worst newspaper in the world." Professor of media science, Mark Crispin Miller comment to this article: 'Has the NYT Gone Collectively Mad?, Sep, 2017, by Robert Parry
US Uncut (white-washing ISIS with story on fabric. videos, Sep 2, 2016)
The Daily Beast / Praising White Helmets

Normal (semi to censored) information  


Great Information of the Past





If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
Malcolm X

People of Truth

David Talbot
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