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CIA Asian 'Brainwash' Hoax Returns

"An international commission in 1952 concluded that the charges had merit. But the CIA’s response was to leak to favored reporters at Time, the Chicago Tribune, and the Miami Herald stories to the effect that the American POWs had been brainwashed by their Communist captors. This had the double utility of squelching the charges of germ warfare and also of justifying the Bluebird program.

In fact, US military and intelligence agencies had been dabbling in mind control research for more than forty years." The CIA’s House of Horrors: the Abominable Dr. Gottlieb, Nov. 2017 Jeffrey St. Clair - Alexander Cockburn 
[Below, by Petri Krohn - from his FB wall]                                                               Sep. 25, 2017

The CIA invented the word #brainwashing to cover up their own biological war in North Korea and China. Communists were claimed to have a superhuman ability to control people's minds. The #hoax has now returned in the form of "Russian influence", "Russian interference", "Russian disinformation", and "Russian propaganda".

Note that the CIA also invented the word "conspiracy theory" to cover up the Kennedy assassination.

#Quote1 "In 1951, shortly after the Korean War began, the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Workers’ Party of Korea started publishing news reports that the American military was dropping strange bombs in northern Korea and northeast China. These munitions, they claimed, were filled with a panoply of horrors: dead flies and spiders infected with anthrax, plague, and other infectious diseases. The two governments soon accused the United States of conducting bacteriological warfare.
The Communists’ allegations seemed to gain credibility in 1952 when four American pilots, who had been captured by Communist forces in the Korean War, confessed to dropping germ-filled bombs. American officials denounced the allegations as a hoax, and suggested that the airmen had been ‘brainwashed’. Since then, scholars have debated the veracity of these claims and counterclaims, which are so redolent of the controversies of the early Cold War. In the West the Communists’ allegations of germ warfare are now generally believed to have been false." http://www.bbk.ac.uk/hiddenpersuaders/…/beyond-brainwashing/

#Quote2: The American public was also convinced, and probably still is, that the North Koreans and Chinese had "brainwashed" US soldiers. This story arose to explain the fact that as many as thirty percent of American POWs had collaborated with the enemy in one way or another, and "one man in every seven, or more than thirteen per cent, was guilty of serious collaboration - writing disloyal tracts ... or agreeing to spy or organize for the Communists after the war". {44} Another reason the brainwashing theme was promoted by Washington was to increase the likelihood that statements made by returning prisoners which questioned the official version of the war would be discounted.

In the words of Yale psychiatrist Robert J Lifton, brainwashing was popularly held to be an "all-powerful, irresistible, unfathomable, and magical method of achieving total control over the human mind". {45} Although the CIA experimented, beginning in the 1950s, to develop just such a magic, neither they nor the North Koreans or Chinese ever possessed it. The Agency began its "behavior-control" or "mind-control" experiments on human subjects (probably suspected double agents), using drugs and hypnosis, in Japan in July 1950, shortly after the beginning of the Korean War.
Brainwashing, said the Army study, "has become a catch phrase, used for so many things that it no longer has any precise meaning" and "a precise meaning is necessary in this case". {48}

"The prisoners, as far as Army psychiatrists have been able to discover, were not subjected to any thing that could properly be called brainwashing. Indeed, the Communist treatment of prisoners, while it came nowhere near fulfilling the requirements of the Geneva Convention, rarely involved outright cruelty, being instead a highly novel blend of leniency and pressure ... The Communists rarely used physical torture ... and the Army has not found a single verifiable case in which they used it for the specific purpose of forcing a man to collaborate or to accept their convictions." {49}

According to the study, however, some American airmen, of the ninety or so who were captured, were subjected to physical abuse in an attempt to extract confessions about germ warfare. This could reflect either a greater Communist resentment about the use of such a weapon, or a need to produce some kind of corroboration of a false or questionable claim. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/47825.htm

#Quote3 "There are many names for manipulation, some more emotionally loaded than others. The name with the most negative sense is “brainwashing”, which was popularized by journalist Edward Hunter, a CIA agent. Hunter’s sensationalist 1951 best-seller was called Brainwashing in Red China and it exposed the Chinese “thought reform” camps, where millions of citizens and foreigners were subjected to an intense remodeling of their beliefs, often spending years imprisoned in awful conditions. Hunter was writing at the height of the Korean War, where Communist China was seen as the arch-enemy of freedom, while in the US, the House Un American Activities Committee waged a witch-hunt against the “Red Menace”. https://www.openmindsfoundation.org/…/exploit…/brainwashing/
The Soviet Art of Brainwashing: Psychopolitics and the Suppression of Man and Civilization (Full book as PDF) http://www.colchestercollection.com/.../soviet-art-of...

#Quote4: "The charges of U.S. use of biological warfare during the Korean War have long been the subject of intense controversy. The reliance, in part, on testimony from U.S. prisoners of war led to U.S. claims of “brainwashing.” These charges later became the basis of a cover story for covert CIA experimentation into use of use of drugs and other forms of coercive interrogation and torture that became the basis for its 1963 KUBARK manual on interrogation, and much later, a powerful influence on the CIA’s post-9/11 “enhanced interrogation” program." https://shadowproof.com/…/a-lost-document-from-the-cold-wa…/

#Quote5: "SEOUL, June 9 (UPI) -- The complete 1952 report alleging the United States conducted biological warfare during the Korean War is expected to be up for auction. The document known as the Needham report was discovered in the U.K. in 2013 by South Korean filmmaker Lim Jong-tae, South Korean television network KBS reported on Tuesday. Lim purchased the text, believed to have been permanently lost until the South Korean filmmaker found it by chance at a British bookstore.
American psychologist Jeffrey Kaye made approximately 64 pages of the 670-page report public in January. Yonhap reported the online posting ignited a wave of controversy. Washington denies biological weapons were used during the war that lasted between 1950 and 1953 on the Korean peninsula.

The report, written by British sinologist and biochemist Joseph Needham in 1952, claims the U.S. learned to conduct biological warfare from Japanese scientists after the surrender of Japan in 1945. The document includes detailed maps and diagrams from U.S. military personnel illustrating how such weapons could be deployed in Korea and in China. According to Yonhap, the document includes evidence the U.S. Air Force learned techniques of biological warfare from Shiro Ishii, director of Unit 731, a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army responsible for conducting cruel experiments on Korean and Chinese subjects in Japanese-occupied Manchuria. The biological weapons were used against North Korean and Chinese troops during the Korean War, the document claimed. The 200 photographs in the report included evidence of flea-spraying attacks and U.S. soldiers arrested for deploying biological weapons." https://www.upi.com/…/Report-claiming-biolog…/9861433861216/
#Quote6: "While the document embedded below has been the subject of numerous essays and books, the document itself is generally not available to the public. Even those who might wish to study the subject it covers will likely find it quite difficult to obtain. I will explore some of those reasons below. But I will note that some Cold War scholars have been quick to debunk the ISC report, none have made even the slightest effort to make the original materials available for other scholars or the public to assess for themselves the truth or falsity of their analysis." https://shadowproof.com/…/a-lost-document-from-the-cold-wa…/

Links to original reports:
Petri Krohn Wikipedia is almost useless:
#Quote: "In retrospect, it seems clear that the Chinese and North Koreans seized on a few isolated examples of contagion to mount a huge propaganda offensive. Lack of adequate medical knowledge, food shortages, and improper sanitation were what caused any of the alleged diseases, rather than any deliberate military use.

Despite the fact that the germ warfare claims were obvious lies, they were picked up and repeated by those in the West who found that such claims fit their political narrative. To such people, it was irrelevant whether the claims were true: what mattered was that they were useful." http://www.returnofkings.com/.../how-propaganda-lies-are...
2010: Al Jazeera investigates claims that the US used germ warfare during the Korean War. http://www.aljazeera.com/.../2010/03/201031761541794128.html
2010: "Prof Mori first visited North Korea in 1990 and has returned three times since to carry on his research. He has visited nine sites that reported germ weapon attacks by American forces during the war and interviewed more than 30 survivors. He says there are striking similarities between the diseases and weapons used by the Japanese military in China and those said to have been deployed by the United States against targets in northern Korea. 'The bombs found on the Korean Peninsula were made of metal, while those used in China were ceramic,’ he says, 'but the symptoms reported in North Korea are very similar to those witnessed in China.’" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/.../Did-the-US-wage-germ...
Moon of Alabama explains "How Bio-Weapons Led To Torture ... And North Korean Nukes" (April 2017). With plenty of links http://www.moonofalabama.org/.../from-war-on-korea-to-abu...
Petri Krohn: "One of the important clues indicating that the United States had something to hide lies in the elaborate efforts by the government to plausibly deny, to minimize, to cover-up or to eliminate incriminating evidence relating to its biological warfare program during the Korean War period." http://www.yorku.ca/sendicot/ReplytoColCrane.htm
Petri Krohn "The CIA and military created a cover-story that the men that confessed to use of BW had been “brainwashed.” This so-called brainwashing was then used as an excuse to increase funding in their own mind-control programs, the most famous of which was MKULTRA. The CIA pushed the “brainwashing” story even though, as a memo by then CIA chief Allen Dulles showed the Agency knew there was “little scientific evidence to support brainwashing.” https://shadowproof.com/.../book-review-this-must-be-the.../
Petri Krohn: The latest bullshit:
"This propaganda war, Rutenberg reports, is a different sort of attack on our democracy from the Russian cyber-attacks and computer hacking we’ve heard so much about. It demonstrates how the Russian assault is multi-faceted and often opaque to American news consumers. By injecting a barrage of “news” into the social media ecosystem, the goal is to manipulate and confuse American viewers and readers, sowing division and chaos in American politics and society." https://www.washingtonpost.com/.../will-america-finally.../
Nada Modić: "He added that all citizens of BiH must have a common identity in order to live in peace. “In order to live normally and together, you should all be Bosnians,” said the actor." http://www.sarajevotimes.com/morgan-freeman-bosnians.../
http://theduran.com/who-are-tWho are the 5 people on Advisory Board behind Morgan Freeman “We are at War with Russia” video? - Neo-liberals and necons unite to form the “ Committee to Investigate Russia”he-5-people-on-advisory.../ - Duran
Petri Krohn: OSS (CIA) guide from 1943: https://www.muckrock.com/.../18/cia-oss-bribery-blackmail/ 


Who's the Brainwashed?

"Frances Fitzgerald, in her famous study of American school textbooks, summarized the message of these books: “The United States has been a kind of Salvation Army to the rest of the world: throughout history it had done little but dispense benefits to poor, ignorant, and diseased countries. The U.S. always acted in a disinterested fashion, always from the highest of motives; it gave, never took.
And Americans genuinely wonder why the rest of the world can’t see how benevolent and self-sacrificing America has been. Even many people who take part in the anti-war movement have a hard time shaking off some of this mindset; they march to spur America – the America they love and worship and trust – they march to spur this noble America back onto its path of goodness.

Many of the citizens fall for US government propaganda justifying its military actions as often and as naively as Charlie Brown falling for Lucy’s football.

The American people are very much like the children of a Mafia boss who do not know what their father does for a living, and don’t want to know, but then wonder why someone just threw a firebomb through the living room window.

This basic belief in America’s good intentions is often linked to “American exceptionalism”. Let’s look at how exceptional US foreign policy has been. Since the end of World War 2, the United States has:

Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically-elected.
Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.
Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.
Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.
Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.
Led the world in torture; not only the torture performed directly by Americans upon foreigners, but providing torture equipment, torture manuals, lists of people to be tortured, and in-person guidance by American teachers, especially in Latin America.
This is indeed exceptional. No other country in all of history comes anywhere close to such a record." Ukraine and the neo-Nazis, Who is Behind them, 2014, Blum