Social Science / The Betrayl of Social Science
"Puppetry reveals scandals and shows why Congress, courts, and other watchdog institutions fail to report key facts about even the biggest news makers. (..) Puppetry unfolds like a mystery extending over decades to the present. By the end, this compelling narrative documented with 1,200 endnotes shows hidden links between puppet masters, political leaders, spy agencies, and the economic austerity now being imposed on a hapless public. By exposing key secrets, it provides a roadmap for reform."

Social Science Faculties Betray the World

"...the growth of an unrepresentative and unaccountable state within the state has been a product of the twentieth century. Its growth was, paradoxically, actually aided by the unpopularity of security and policing agencies; forced by this into the lowest possible visibility, they learned to develop techniques of invisible influence and control. It was also aided by the British tradition of civil service neutrality: this sheltered senior civil servants from replacement or investigation when administrations changed, and afforded to their policies the legitimation of ’impartial, non-political’ intent." 'The Secret State',1978, E. P. Thompson

Western Political Scientists Make themselves Ignorant CIA Tools

"Those of us who had worked for the Kennedy election were tolerated in the government for that reason and had a say, but foreign policy was still with the Council on Foreign Relations people." - John Kenneth Galbraith 
It is striking how much the Western politicians, analysts and journalist talk about President Trump. Even a child would readily acknowledge that even the US president is probably not that important. In fact, the US president is probably much more of puppet than even the most critical social scientist are inclined to imagine. 
Western academic faculties continue to ignore the almost unimaginable influence of CIA and US 'security complex' with all its corporate think tanks and fronts notably the US' Council of Foreign Relations - Wall Street's Think TankThe CIA is simply Taboo at Western Universities, so that 400 corporate CIA run fronts can run change the world without any academic tell the world about it, see my page CIA/Corporate Fronts Engineer the World.
This way we have had 70 Years of CIA/Western Intel Agencies Global use of Terror Proxies, where Western 'intelligence agencies' install, fund and arm terror groups around the world. And corporate power relations continue to use the Western military for their own profit making. It is going on, because the logic is suppressed. The academic world generally work as if is was paid to systematically cover up the truth about the Western insanely illegal wars. The logic is at best researched in the outskirts of the academic institutions. 
I am sure that this colossal academic betrayal is the most powerful reason that the Western states can continue to destroy nations on lies. Because when people are informed about it, as most people are moral creatures, they get angry and want to stop it: 
"I believe that most American people are basically unaware of the gross violations of international law that are being perpetrated in their name by their own government on a day-to-day basis. Once they have been informed, however, they become clearly outraged and have usually decided to do something to stop the elementally lawless behavior of successive U. S. administrations around the world." Destroying World Order: US Imperialism in the Middle East Before and After September 11, 2004: 21, Professor of International Law, Francis A. Boyle 
But people are even more systematically kept in the dark by the Western media systems, fundamentally controlled by huge corporate companies. And as the Western academics never tell the most critical truths about such things, how should people be able to suspect the colossal CIA apparatus that infiltrate those systems and feeds them the lies? Not likely, especially as the CIA Global Propaganda Apparatus literally is unimaginably colossal.
"In 2010 (..) Washington Post reported that the national security state had swelled into a “fourth branch” of the federal government ― with 854,000 vetted officials, 263 security organizations, and over 3,000 intelligence units, issuing 50,000 special reports every year." Exploring the Shadows of the US Security State: How I Learned Not to Love Big Brother." -- Professor Alfred McCoy, 2017
Let us roughly estimate a million 'think tank' propaganda reports produced every twenty years and hundreds of thousands academics using these reports to produce 'scientific' knowledge to inform Western peoples and journalists about reality. How many academic not to talk about journalistic books and articles based on US propaganda sources are we talking about? You do the math. But even with this rough calculation it can surprise no-one that people can be persuaded to believe its lies. 
It is not only that such incredible important facts are not researched and publicly explained by Western political scientists. In fact, the very opposite happens as Western academics uncritically engage in enhancing the power of the propaganda system. The 'information' given by the think tanks' hired hands and the corporate journalists are more or less uncritically used by Western academics and journalists as credible sources of information. Therefore, we can consider Western academics and journalists as CIA's most useful idiots.
The same form of no-brain adoption happened when Western political science faculties and journalists uncritically accepted the neoliberal think tanks' 'globalist ideology', as if it was a kind of progress to make the world a better place. This way academic facultues not only covered up an most destructive ideology made to bring the world forward to a dim past. Academic faculties strengtened if not totalized it by giving its language a scientific blueprint. So, that people were hindered from seeing that it was a trojan horse to destroy the welfare state and workers' rights. Another enormous betrayal of academic virtue that the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and his colleague Loic Wacquant so fiercely criticized twenty years ago:
"Across the world, all manner of intellectual professions and state elites are speaking a strange new language whose vocabulary seems to have come from nowhere but is suddenly in everyone’s mouths: “globalization” and “flexibility,” “multiculturalism” and “communitarianism,” “ghetto” and “underclass,” and their so-called postmodern cousins: identity, minority, ethnicity, hybridity, fragmentation, and the like. The spread of this new global vulgate is the product and trace of a novel kind of academically based imperialism whose effects are all the more pernicious for being promoted by cultural producers who more often than not think of themselves as progressives." The New Global Vulgate, 1999, Pierre Bourdieu, Loïc Wacquant
The economic profession has a had special arrangement to make all Western economic faculties strenghten and legitizime the neoliberal ideology. The book The Nobel Factor documents that the Swedish national bank established the so-called Nobel Prize in Economics to defeat social demoratic policies in Sweden and around the world:
"The Nobel Factor tells how the prize, created by the Swedish central bank, emerged from a conflict between central bank orthodoxy and social democracy. The aim was to use the halo of the Nobel brand to enhance central bank authority and the prestige of market-friendly economics, in order to influence the future of Sweden and the rest of the developed world." The Nobel Factor. The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn, 2014, Avner Offer & Gabriel Söderberg, Princeton University Press
By controlling the most prestigeful institution corporate power relations have managed to destroy any semblance of academic autonomy, the very kernel of what makes a university modern and scientific. Once more, it is enough for the economic faculties and its educated economists not to ask any critical questions of their own thoughts historical sociological geneaology to be absolutely perfect (even sincere) neoliberal tools. This development, no doubt, is crucial for understanding the decade long suppression of the most important knowledge to destroy the neoliberal economic dogmas. Another heavy academic betrayal:
"It would be a shocking scandal if it came to light that the professions of medical science had, for decades, known about an easy to treat, underlying cause of cancer—but conspired to obfuscate and suppress the information to protect their participation in a medical industry raking in hundreds of billions a year to treat the disease. Professional standings, tenures, licenses would be in tatters. Lawsuits would abound. Outrage would march on every city hospital and medical college in the nation—would it not? - Such a betrayal, of course, is not humanly possible. Right? Yet is it not the case that the professions of economics, journalism and politics are guilty of something very like this kind of betrayal?" Money: The High Cost of Betrayal, March, 2018 by J. D. Alt, Naked Capitalism 
Even more fatally, the Western universities have bought the fabricated Orwellian idea that Western 'humanitarian' wars protect peoples and spread democracy. While the critical truth is that Western nations continue to inflict mass murder and destroy nations in the most illegal and insane ways under the banner of 'humanism'. From Korea and Vietnam to Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria etc. Read Canadian professor of international law, Michael Mandel on the general problem How America Gets Away with Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against Humanity, 2004, Pluto Press; and John Laughland on the corruption of international law with the trial of Slobodan Milosevic: TravestyThe Trial of Slobodan Milosevic and the Corruption of International Justice, 2007, Pluto Press. If you need a quick glimpse into the basics of the problem, this list is useful: Homosociologicus Putin Ain’t Such a Bad Guy (a Draft Colloquy on CIA)
Moreover, it is not only so that Western social science faculties and academics systematically legitimize corporate sponsored 'academic knowledge and information as reliable. Western academics even defend the corporate fabricated lies as if their careers depended on it. They mock and stigmatize the very media and analysts that provide independent and critical information, inclusive provide crucial information about the CIA's influence and the Western nations illegal wars. Ask any academic about a site such as Global Research and similar and he will immediately respond that it is a 'conspiracy site'.
In short, Western academics embrace the corporate fabricated knowledge, while effectively hinder academics and other people from taking the only information seriously, which can liberate them from the corporate lies that chain them. See my HS Recommended Media here.  
Perhaps we are about to reach the last spikes for the Western coffin of freedom of thought, as corporate media and journalists have begun to systematically attack both independent media and the few academics, who pose critical questions. As, Western academics, governments and 
Monbiot - 

A Logical Proof that the Western States today are Totalitarian  

Proof that the 'alternative' media are trustworthy lies in their records of informing truthfully on earlier wars, even before and while they happened. Exactly the opposite record of the Western public 'intellectuals' and the mainstream media. Everybody can go back in time and compare what sites such as Global Research explained on former US wars compared to media, politicians and analysts said in the Western public spheres. In fact, if one looks at the evidence and thinks logically about it, we know that the Western states today are totalitarian today. 
Here is a logical proof. Today we know, and the British Parliament has reported it as a fact, that basically all information leading up to and under the NATO war on Libya was false, see We remember or can go back and research all the given information for everybody to see, that there was No oppositional information on Libya then. This lays bare the naked truth. Because, when we know today that basically all information was false and nobody contradicted the information then, then we know for a fact that everybody talking about Libya then, all politicians, all academics and all media shared the same lies. There is simply no way of denying it. It is what Karl Kraus and Ludwig Wittgenstein called a one-and-a-half-truth.
But what is even more important is that practically no analyst, no politician nor any media have apologized for this; nor have they changed anyting about their reliance of such sources of information. In short, we know that they continue to lie in concert.
Now on Syria. As it happens, I have researched credible sources on Syria for years, and I can tell you with a researcher's absolute conviction that practically everything that the Western media, analysts and politicians have said about Syria for the past seven years (and decades before this too) is blatantly false. See Homosociologicus Syria as well as my other pages on other wars.
My page with Media Critique shows how CIA hired hand academics write propaganda books and newspaper articles that are then taken as trustworthy information by 'naive' Western politicians, analysts and journalists. Simply by not asking critical questions about the sources of US information everyone is an effective tool for CIA's schemes.   
All this tells us that only by doing the exact opposite of, what the Western academics do. Namely to implement a classical radical scientific doubt towards Western think tanks, corporate media and our political leaders, if one should have a chance of getting to the truth.

More Taboos: 9/11, JFK and Big Business behind WWl & WWll

Western academics (generally) do not research 9/11. We should not forget here that academics - have lost and continue to - risk losing their job for asking critical questions about 9/11. This way our universities are effectively controlled to cover up for the official 9/11 explanation - provided by Bush/Cheney appointed people. Even though the official explanation defies the laws of physics and is completely untrustworthy on so many, many other aspects. See my page on 9/11. So Western academics do the same today as they have done for decades on the JFK murder, even though it is enough to watch one lecture by an esteemed US pathologist to know that the official Warren Report is a complete lie. See the lecture on top of my JFK page here.  
What is no less important is that political science and academic historians (generally) continue to suppress the most important causal knowledge about the great world wars in the 20th century, namely that Big Business was behind WW1 and WW2 Nazism. This has made the Western populations blind to dangers today, where big business once more seem interested in a war with Russia. Our academics cannot only not tell you about these things. In fact, they will say that such ideas are 'conspiracy theory'. 
This way they effectively suppress people from understanding reality. Just as popular academic historians have helped suppress the truth about the responsibility of big business for wars, not least the great world wars of the 20th century: 
"Unlike the massive work of popular history produced by Eric Hobsbawm, The Great Class War and The Myth of the Good War provide a concise challenge to the Anglo-American narrative, which Hobsbawm, despite his Marxist orientation, never quite abandons. This may be because such books cannot be published by people who are employed at the pinnacle of elite academic institutions—without at least jeopardising one’s career." Review: 'U.S. Empire-Building “Interventions', 2016, DH Wilkinson, BAR
Here is a couple of quotes from my page on Big Business to show, what most people ought to have been told but probably was not, namely that IG Farben was convicted at the Nuremberg Trial for the creation and funding of Hitler's nazi party; and that American corporate powers both helped fund Hitler's war machine and that US companies even continued to supply the German military through the war:
"The Nuremberg Pharma Tribunal of 1947/48 records document that WWII was planned and prepared in this building in Frankfurt, Germany – the headquarters of IG Farben (left). This infamous cartel of Bayer, BASF and Hoechst was the world’s largest chemical/ pharmaceutical multi-national at the time. To cement its global monopoly in this field, it financed the rise of the Nazi party and its preparation for the military conquest of Europe and the world. IG Farben’s directors, including CEO Schmitz (right), kept in close contact to their political puppets." - Profit over Life homepage

"America certainly deserves credit for its important contribution to the hard-fought victory that was ultimately achieved by the Allies. But the role of corporate America in the war is hardly synthesized by President Roosevelt’s claim that the US was the “arsenal of democracy.” When Americans landed in Normandy in June 1944 and captured their first German trucks, they discovered that these vehicles were powered by engines produced by American firms such as Ford and General Motors. Corporate America, it turned out, had also been serving as the arsenal of Nazism." - Jacques Pauwels, author Big business and Hitler
It seems that Plato fought the same kind of academic superficiality:
"The Peloponnesian war was, to a greater extent than Thucydides seems to have realized, a struggle between the business interests of Athens and Corinth for commercial supremacy in the West, all wars, Plato remarked, are made for the sake of getting money." The Republic of Plato, FM Cornford p. x 
The CIA has corrupted not only the military, but America’s political and judicial systems; and that, through its secret control of the media, the CIA’s power to create the official version of history has left veterans of the Vietnam War, as well as every subsequent generation of Americans, in a state of neurotic delusion."
Douglas Valentine, 2017