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Human Rights on Cuba?

'Raul Castro responds to a North-American journalist, accusing Cuba’s “violations of human rights.: 

"Do you know how many are the human rights identified by the international organisations? 61. Do you know how many countries comply with them all? Do you know? I’ll tell you: none. Cuba, of these 61, respects 47. Other countries, many fewer. We, for example, we respect the human rights of ensuring the health of all, as we guarantee all a free education. Is it right that a woman earns less than a man? Is not this a human right? I could give many examples of countries that do not respect these rights. To come here to talk about political prisoners and human rights is not quite right. It is not correct. (...) Don’t come to Cuba if you’re going to be superior. We are no longer your colonials—and haven’t been since 1959." - Translation by Luciana Bohne - Original article: La risposta di Raul Castro alla giornalista americana che chiedeva dei "diritti umani negati a Cuba", 2016
This is probably the most interesting thing, you will read about any political leader in the twentieth centuryInterview with Susan Babbitt on Cuba's politics and philosophy, 2016
"In advance of President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba on March 20, there is speculation about whether he can pressure Cuba to improve its human rights. But a comparison of Cuba’s human rights record with that of the United States shows that the US should be taking lessons from Cuba.", US Hypocritical Lectures to Cuba, 2016, By professor law of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California, and a former president of the National Lawyers Guild Marjorie Cohn.