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"When we invaded Iraq we did to the United Nations what Hitler and Mussolini did to the League of Nations. (..) The UK is a “Rogue State”, “Danger to the World. (..) I’ve seen things from the inside and the UK’s foreign interventions are almost always about resources. It is every bit as corrupt as others have indicated. It is not an academic construct, the system stinks. -- British Ambassador Craig Murray (continues below:)  
I was a British diplomat for 20 years. I was always very patriotic to be British and I was very, very proud of it,” he stated. When I first became a British Ambassador and first went out in my own flag car with the Union Jack flying on the front I had a lump in my throat. It was a proud moment for me. It was only six months after that I discovered that in the country where I was Ambassador we and the Americans were shipping people in order for them to be tortured. Some of them were tortured to death. - Now as you may imagine, my world view changed. (...) It was at the same time, a month later, that we invaded Iraq against the will of the Security Council. Not just without the permission of the Security Council but in the full knowledge that if it had gone to the Security Council we would have been voted down. I know for certain – as I used to be head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office unit that monitored Iraqi weapons of mass destruction – I know for certain that they knew there weren’t any. It wasn’t a mistake, it was a lie,” Murray concluded. Interview British Ambassador, Craig Murray, 2014
Who is Craig Murray? Murray was fired by Tony Blair's government after complaining about CIA involvement in torture in Uzbekistan: 'The envoy who said too much', 2004, The Guardian

The war on Iraq was not based on 'mistaken' intelligence

Go to HS Israel and see that the destruction of Iraq was completely acccording to plan.
"In fact, we now know that sources such as Curveball had already been written off as delusional, compulsive liars by multiple intelligence agencies long before Blair and co got their hands on their outpourings – and the British government was fully aware of this.
The truth is, there were no intelligence failings over the Iraq war. In fact, the intelligence services had been carrying out their job perfectly: on the one hand, making correct assessments of unreliable information, and on the other, providing the government with everything necessary to facilitate its war of aggression. The Iraq war, then, represented a supreme example not of intelligence failure, but intelligence success.
Fast forward to today, and we are again hearing talk of ‘intelligence failings’ and the supposed incompetence of the security services to explain a debilitating Western-sponsored war in the Middle East: this time in Syria." 'British collusion with sectarian violence: Part one', 2016, Dan Glazebrook

"New York Times Nov. 25, 2003, Leslie Gelb of the Council on Foreign Relations writes,

"To put most of its money and troops where they would do the most good quickly - with the Kurds and Shiites. The United States could extricate most of its forces from the so-called Sunni Triangle, north and west of Baghdad.... American officials could then wait for the troublesome and domineering Sunnis, without oil or oil revenues, to moderate their ambitions or suffer the consequences."

Gelb argues for allowing the rebellion to escalate in order to create a divided Iraq.

And in 1982, Oded Yinon, an official from the Israeli Foreign Affairs office, wrote: "To dissolve Iraq is even more important for us than dissolving Syria. In the short term, it's Iraqi power that constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. The Iran-Iraq war tore Iraq apart and provoked its downfall. All manner of inter-Arab conflict help us and accelerate our goal of breaking up Iraq into small, diverse pieces." 

Voices from Iraq

"In case you were wondering why, despite the sterling efforts of the Bush and Obama governments to bring 'freedom and democracy' to Iraq, life there appears to be worse than ever, a brief review of the nature of American and European largesse that has been bestowed on the Iraqi people over the past twenty-odd years may be instructive." Psycho 'Reality Creators' open 'gates of hell' in Iraq with proxy Jihadis, 2014, Joe Quinn
"The shocking rates of infant mortality and cancer in Iraqi city raise new questions about battle", Toxic legacy of US assault on Fallujah 'worse than Hiroshima', 2010, Patrick Cockburn 

Iraq - everything we were told was false, lies & propaganda

"Iraqis are beating people, bombing and shooting. They are taking all hospital equipment, babies out of incubators . Life-support systems are turned off... They are even removing traffic lights. The Iraqis are beating Kuwaitis, torturing them, knifing them, beating them, cutting their ears off if they are caught resisting or are with the Kuwaiti army or police." Evacuee's description as reported in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Powell Video link // HS Powell text
The CNN Effect: The Myth of News, Foreign Policy and Intervention, 2002, Piers Robinson

The Road to Iraq: The Making of a Neoconservative War, 2014, by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad: "he quickly demolishes the “war for oil” argument by noting that throughout the 1990s Big Oil consistently advocated for a lifting of sanctions against Iraq and that none of the major oil companies advocated for an invasion in Iraq following 9/11."

Review article on The Road to Iraq

A Different Kind of War: The UN Sanctions Regime in Iraq, UN's Von Sponeck quit his job...2007

Razing the Truth About Sanctions Against Iraq, Sep, 2017