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Amnesty International supported lies and propaganda on Iraq, Libya and Syria, thereby actually acting worse than the soldiers, who bombed innocent people. Why worse? Because the soldiers did their job. Amnesty betrayed their job.
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The Corrupt International Legal System (to be made)


1) If Britain or USA attack Syria with missiles it is a "war of aggression" and a "crime against peace".
2) If Russia shoots down incoming NATO missiles, it is *nothing*. It is little different from evading a bullet. International law is not interested in such issues.
3) If Russia attacks or even sinks a ship that is illegally (see point 1) firing missiles at Syria, it is not war. It is "self defense".
4) Trump's tweets and British statements are an "ultimatum". They aim to solve international conflicts by force, in itself a "crime against peace".
5) If Syria or Russia attack NATO ships and airbases after Trump's ultimatum, it is not an illegal war of aggression but a permissible "preemptive war".
"By calling violent armed groups ‘rebels’ and ‘the opposition’, these ‘human rights’ organizations conceal their true nature. By calling the Syrian government a ‘regime’, instead of the legitimate government of Syria, representing Syria at the UN and representing the interests of the Syrian people, they seek to demean it. By accusing it of carrying out indiscriminate attacks on its own civilian population, on the basis of what they are being told by their tainted sources, they seek to demonize it. By accusing it of carrying out chemical weapons attacks, without having any proof, they perpetuate the lies and fabrications of the armed groups and the governments that support them." The ‘Human Rights’ War on Syria, March 2018, By Jeremy Salt
"Despite the U.N. Charter and international efforts to prevent war, people in countries afflicted by war today still face the kind of total war that horrified world leaders in 1945. The main victims of total war in our “modern” world have been civilians in countries far removed from the safe havens of power and privilege where their fates are debated and decided: Yugoslavia; Afghanistan; Iraq; Somalia; Pakistan; Yemen; Libya; Syria; Ukraine. There has been no legal or political accountability for the mass destruction of their cities, their homes or their lives. Total war has not been prevented, or even punished, just externalized.

But thanks to billions of dollars invested in military propaganda and public relations and the corrupt nature of for-profit media systems, citizens of the countries responsible for the killing of millions of their fellow human beings live in near-total ignorance of the mass killing carried out in their name in these “red zones” around the world.

People in ever-spreading war zones are living under the very conditions of total war that the world recoiled from at the end of the Second World War. Like Orwell in London in 1941, they hear highly civilized human beings flying overhead trying to kill them,.." America’s Renegade Warfare. Is the U.S. Guilty of Genocide, Nov 2017, NJS Davies
Nuremberg Trial 1945: 'To iniate a war of aggression is the supreme Int. crime'
Vietnam - "I asked Pilger what the untold story of Iraq was that’s just not getting through. “Well, the untold story of Iraq should be obvious,” Pilger said. “But it never is. The untold story of Vietnam was that it was an invasion and that huge numbers of civilians were killed. And in effect it was a war against civilians and that was never told and that’s exactly true of Iraq”." Normalizing the Unthinkable, 2006, John Pilger, Robert Fisk, Charlie Glass, and Seymour Hersh on the failure of the world’s press
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Yugoslavia - Nuremberg crime + corrupted the international law
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Herman Reviews: Michael Mandel on “How America Gets Away with Murder
Francis Boyle on US War Crimes, Refugee Crisis in Europe and More

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"In 1991, Clark's Coalition to Stop US Intervention in the Middle East opposed the US-led war and sanctions against Iraq.[9] Clark accused the administration of President George H. W. Bush, J. Danforth Quayle, James Baker, Richard Cheney, William Webster, Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf and "others to be named" of "crimes against peace, war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" for its conduct of the Gulf War against Iraq and the ensuing sanctions;
[10] in 1996, he added the charges of genocide and the "use of a weapon of mass destruction".[11] Similarly, after the 1999 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Ramsey charged and "tried" NATO on 19 counts and issued calls for its dissolution.[12]" Crucial: Ramsey Clark_Wikip

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