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Background Mladic Verdict

"The Mlacid verdict is meant to justfy the Nato war on Yugoslavia. Dutch solders I talked to, who were [Srebenica] there, also stated that the media narrative is false. The truth is much darker than what they claim - when you find out the lies, distortions, the criminality of it all. - Christopher C. Black, international lawyer based in Toronto, Canada 
Christopher C. Black: "Please, watch this video in its entirety-a meeting between General Mladic and a Dutch UN "peacekeeper" colonel in which the Dutch colonel asks Mladic to allow the civilians in Srebrenica to leave in safety-Mladic agrees, and asks for help in resolving the situation peacefully. During the conversation he asks the UN colonel why his men were bombing and shooting Mladic's men and why they tried to kill him personally and why the UN forces were supplying the Muslim army in Srebrenica with weapons. The Dutch colonel apologises as Mladic states that no one wants to die here and no need for it. It is in fact a complete defence for Mladic regarding the charges against him regarding Srebrenica. - Addendum: This video is not referred to in the judgement-instead the prosecution called several Nato officers including this Dutch officer to giver their version of it and they totally twist and distort what was said here-whether the defence used it or tried to use it I do not know-but it seems not as there does not appear to be any protest from the defence that the video contradicts what these lying Nato officer stated." Ratko Mladic - Srebrenica Fontana Hotel 1 - July 11, 1995
Christopher C. Black: "I just finished reading the 2500 page "judgement in the Mladic case"-the defence is hardly mentioned-you wouldnt know a trial took place-all witnesses referred to are Nato officers or Bosnian muslim fighters and relatives-credible evidence of any war crimes is very slim and many of the stories are clearly bogus the "I was the lone survivor of a massacre" type-a number of those-and as for Srebrenica-well, surprise, surprise-even on their version of events there was no massacre at Srebrenica-they state women and children evacuated -the fighters of the 28th Division decided not to surrender but to fight their way to Tuzla-on the way many killed in the fighting and some captured-they then claim through a handful of dubious witnesses that these prisonsers were held in some schools in small towns on the route and were massacred in the schools, the stories are bogus as far as I am concerned-but nothing took place in the town itself and the meeting in the Fontana Hotel where Mladic agreed to let everyone leave-as seen in the video-well that video is not mentioned-the only evidence of that meeting referred to is oral testimony from several Nato officers who totally distort what was said at the meeting--so the video was not used--so cant tell if defence never used it or the judges simply erased it from history but it seems it was not used--result-like the Karadzic judgement-this is a propaganda document not a judgement-i invite others to read it." , Facebook, Nov 26, 2017




More Fact Check

Proof of 8,000 Srebrenica deaths in doubt as Mladic appears in court, 2011, RT: "Ratko Mladic has made his first appearance in front of the Hague tribunal. He didn't enter a plea but called the charges against him 'monstrous' and 'obnoxious'. His plea hearing will take place in a month. The former Bosnian-Serb army general is indicted on 11-counts of war crimes including the murder of 8000 Muslims at Srebrenica. Mladic had been on the run for 16 years and was arrested last Thursday. His arrest and extradition was touted by the EU as a key objective for Serbia to gain membership."