Tibet, the homeland of the US backed CIA monk Dalai Lama

From Luciana Bohne:

"It seems that one must spell this out: the myth of Buddhist pacifism is . . . a myth. It depends on class. The Tibetan monks and the Tibetan aristocracy were brutes. Their favorite punishment was taking out the eyes of whom they saw as offenders--the serfs and slaves they owned and could sell--laborers, servants, peasants--remained slaves and serfs until 1954, when the People's Republic of China intervened, banned slavery, began a campaign of education, set up infrastructure, and health measures. The sons of Tibetan slaves and serfs were the ones who destroyed the monasteries in the Cultural Revolution in 1966--symbols of millennial oppression of their ancestors. If anybody has an opposite story--Tibet victim of China--they have the CIA's version."
"In the 1950s, the CIA sponsored a campaign of guerrilla warfare intended to drive the Communist Party of China from the Tibet Autonomous Region and restore feudal theocratic rule. The book “The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet”, published by the Heritage Foundation, tells how the Dalai Lama’s brother led a team of violent insurgents who were airdropped into Tibet with US made weapons.

However, the remolded Cultural Left which Hillary Clinton now embraces, nearly worships the Dalai Lama. The “Free Tibet” movement, which calls for breaking up the People’s Republic of China, is now one of the trendiest “left-wing” causes. One of the favorite books of this “movement” is “Seven Years in Tibet”, written by Heinrich Harrier, a member of Hitler’s SS, who had been dispatched to Tibet during the Second World War. Clintons-campaign-the-anti-russian-roots-of-the-cultural-left, 2016, Caleb Maupin
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