Tibet, the homeland of the US backed CIA monk Dalai Lama

From Luciana Bohne:

"It seems that one must spell this out: the myth of Buddhist pacifism is . . . a myth. It depends on class. The Tibetan monks and the Tibetan aristocracy were brutes. Their favorite punishment was taking out the eyes of whom they saw as offenders--the serfs and slaves they owned and could sell--laborers, servants, peasants--remained slaves and serfs until 1954, when the People's Republic of China intervened, banned slavery, began a campaign of education, set up infrastructure, and health measures. The sons of Tibetan slaves and serfs were the ones who destroyed the monasteries in the Cultural Revolution in 1966--symbols of millennial oppression of their ancestors. If anybody has an opposite story--Tibet victim of China--they have the CIA's version."
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