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The Big Picture: it's all about powerful conspiracies!

09-12-2017 10:36

"Those who tell the stories rule society." - Plato

The Big Business People that were convicted at Nuremberg as being the real culprits running Hitler's 'Foreign Policy' for thirteen years only got a few years jail. While some of their ground men soldiers were hanged they were free i a couple of years. One of the Nazi generals even was appointed to head of NATO later...

It is the same Big Business that have run the world ever since. They had the US/CIA make the Great German Europe that they had Hitler 'working' on. The same Big business Power Relations destroyed Yugoslavia (together with MI6, CIA, British SAS special forces etc) on complete lies, fabrications and NATO's illegal bombs on Serbian civilian infrastructure etc.

It is the same Big Business that run the EU today - and more than ever. They destroyed Greece - also on complete lies (95% of the loans given to Greece went directly back to German, French, British etc. big shareholders that had given very risky loans to private banks in Greece - only the 95% loans were now 'nationalized' and thereby put on the Greek people as an even much bigger burden. So, the 'loans' were not loans but burden).

And the same scheme is going to be applied to other EU nations in the South that don't have their own currency. NB. Own currency = Own state = Own policies. Most economists don't protest the EU. Because either they don't know this (many of them) or they simply still want an EU with one currency. Why? Because that so would fit their 'pure' economic models on their minds. Please notice that everything important going on in the EU is happening behind closed doors. And that the Western media completely and lie, suppress and make propaganda on the EU issues, too.

That is because it is the same Big Business that run all the Western 'Foreign Policy' today and control the media. Where they are not in control they have had right wing 'globalist' enthusiastic politicians and journalists hired so that they will do and say, what Big Business want out of ideological reasons. It is enough, actually a qualification, if you are not too bright either as a journalist or as a politicians to fall their globalist propaganda, just look at the academic world that have promoted the 'globalist agenda' still more for the past thirty years. If you try to explain that the civil liberties, workers' rights and welfare state rights are all hung up on the national states, they still won't listen and says that the 'future' is globalism...

Here we come to the best part of it. The same Big Business had their CIA hitmen make even the very question of asking what is going on 'illegal'. That is, they fabricated the 'conspiracy meme' in the sixties and had it circulated all over the US media (later it is also over all the European media - as everybody knows). So, you cannot tell - in fact not even ask questions - about the Big Business, politics, media and 'intel agencies' connectedness of things as I lay out here.

The only differences between me and Colin Powell stating such a (hidden) conspiracy theory, are, that I am not working for Big Business that I care about people and that I mean what I say, when I say: 'These statements are not assertations, these statements are based on facts, solid facts'. Only the British Parliament have acknowledged that all the info on the war on Libya was false. But that is of course something. Important. So, why do the UK continue the exact same false, illegal and insane war on Syria. NATO systematically back, fund, arm, train, lead and bomb for al Nusra and ISIS in Syria. BBC just covered it up as a 'mistake'. They are corrupt. Completely.

I have made pages with relevant if not crucial information on all these subjects and many more. Not least on the factual knowledge we have today that the US/NATO wars killing millions of people on lies and propaganda for Big Business were all illegal - and actually as a matter of fact insanely more cruel than the nazis's 'wars'. NATO do not so much go into war, they more accurately destroy nations. So:
"You wouldn't know it. It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest." Harold Pinter
That is all for now! I must run (boy to football ;) ) - sorry about misspellings etc.