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Want a better world? Join Facebook :)

13-09-2018 17:14
First I'll tell you why Facebook has made a historical breakthrough as to inform people about the CIA lies, which cover up the US-led wars on the world. Then I'll tell you why MMT (modern monetary theory) is the most important intellectual tool to break the ideological chains of the neoliberal ideology in politics and in the economic profession.

Thank you Facebook! Or, why FB tries to make people leave

We ARE winning :) It is a historical fact that Facebook and other social media have made people more aware of their media's lies and propaganda and about the dirty reality of CIA and the US terror-funded warfare - than they have ever been before. Moreover, there is no way going back. CIA and the Western establishments can never make all the informed people as ignorant as they were before. We know, what we know.

What's the historical difference? Today we KNOW what the CIA, MI6 and our media do. Before the social media many 'knew' about it and suspected much of it. But now we KNOW. This makes us informed people a real historic threat. And this explains why CIA/Suckerberg are in panic; why they WARN people about Facebook (via our media and politicians): "don't use FB; we monitor you and use your info etc."

Sure, CIA, Facebook corporate owners are worried about our info being used by them. Makes for pure nonsense 🤣

I would never have known anything, of what I know today, about the CIA, MI6, our media and the Western etablissments' lies etc. without my extremely knowledgeable FB network and all the independent sources from around the world. My Facebook University as I usually calls it. Foremost learning from Luciana Bohne, Doug Valentine, Mark Crispin Miller, Jacques Pauwels, Margaret Kimberley, Tim Anderson, Vanessa Beeley, Pål Steigan, Michael Jabara Carley and many more.
If you would like to see a condenced version of the fact that the US has lied and the Western establishments cover up for their lies since 1945, I suggest that you watch Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize Lecture from 2005. BBC did not bring it. But here Pinter confirms everything that we can learn from the critical literature on US wars, CIA's dirty way of always using terrorist proxies and have quislings from the targeted nations betray their own country. Take Syria for instance, practically all Syrian presented in the Western media the past seven years are anti-Assad, while 90% or more of the Syrian population are behind Assad in reality. Pinter's words support all my nation pages, where it can be seen how the US undermines and destroys democratic rule for the people, so that the corporate masters of our universe can put in dictators that will let our cynical oligarchs plunder the peoples' resources.

I learned more about our deeply corrupted (structured) reality in my FB university than in my eight years of dedicated university studies in sociology. But... I was also very lucky to get probably the best FB network in the world. Look at Luciana Bohne's writings on Counterpunch; Mark Crispin Miller books on US politics and media propaganda; Jacques Pauwels' history books; Vanessa Beeley and Tim Anderson on Syria vs. Western propaganda; the international lawyer Christopher C. Black; the British university rektor and ambassador (who witnessed CIA torture in Uzbekistan), going whistleblower Craig Murray and last but absolutely not least Doug Valentine's CIA research. Finally, I should not forget to mention the support from many of my friends there, not least my most precious Heather Cottin (widow after the amazing Sean Gervasi, JFK advisor and much more). But of course I have also learned so much from many, many other incredibly knowledgeable FB friends and other people on FB. There is simply no way, I (we) could have made such a radical truth seeking network, if we had not had Facebook.

All this learning inspired me to make my home page, where I have shared as much as I have been able to - working more than ten hours daily the past few years with practically no income. Because... I find it important that other people should know reality. I love people and I have children. We are destroying our civilization at the moment.
You know, the only two persons I have seen saying exactly this (about destroying our civilisation) are the great French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu in a speech to French strikers in the nineties and Warren Mosler a few years ago.

MMT can save us and make our future bright

Next we come to my most positive learning experience via Facebook, which was learning about MMT 'modern monetary theory'. It complete blew my mind! Like nothing I have ever learnt before. I went from pessimist to optimist about our future in a few days as I realized the implications of MMT. At that time I have been studying Pierre Bourdieu's sociology for twenty years, so it was incredible to learn that MMT had the most powerful answer as to how ce can take back the control of our economy and finances and make decent societies for our children.
I am convinced that Warren Mosler has given the Western world the most important economic intellectual tools to liberate us from neoliberalism. So, I was instrumental in having his book The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy translated to Danish. And it was the most intellectually stimulating days of my life, when I was travelling with Warren in Denmark to three universities to tell the economic students that eveything that they have taught in the Western economic profession the past forty years was false. I consider Warren Mosler a genius comparable to almost no other scientists in the world today. Pierre Bourdieu is the only one I can think of with such a sharp intellect. I often say that economic history will be written (in the future): Marx, Keynes, Mosler.

We will see. It depends on our collective actions. But you should certainly realize that the corporate powers will do anything to cheer up your feeling of powerlessness and despair. Don't listen. The Syrian narrative is falling apart within the Western states - as I write these lines. And if more engaged in this, it could really make a historial media scandal. People are realizing more and more about our reality every day. And your spreading the words will make a difference. As to MMT, we have hundreds of thousands of engaged people, so it's just a matter of jumping in, learn and spread the word: all governments with their own currency have the money they want for welfare, infrastructure, education, culture etc. At the moment people only learn that Western states by necessity only have the money they want for the private banks and the military.

Didn't you suspect a heavy logical problem in this? Your despair is a product of their lies: we've never been richer or more productive. And robots? They'll only add to our collective richness. As Mosler explained in Denmark, robots are nothing new. Machines were introduced into agriculture and set 95% of the workers free to produce all the things, which add to people's welfare. The basic problem today is about sharing the richness. Another acute problem which MMT explain to us, is, that our neoliberal governments have taken way to much money out of our economies, so that people can hardly live, much less invest and buy enough to keep everybody happy with a job and the prospect of a future for their children. It really is easy. Learn MMT and get rid of our neoliberal establishment lackeys. It will be necessary for many of us to join politics. We can't leave Corbyn alone with the job - and Corbyn doesn't even know MMT. Much less his advisors!!

I am for honesty. So I am not done with Mosler yet. You should know that he is very rich, but that he went to Denmark on his own expences and spent a little week here only to give the Danish people the opportunity to take MMT seriously as a way to liberate Danish political from neoliberal dogmas (of course the economic profession generally boycotted listening to him here). At the moment he is trying to enter politics, not to become famous, but to help the people, where he lives (Virgin Islands).

Mosler is the man who taught the professors around the world how money and finance work. Even though they most often don't mention him and many probably don't even though that he came with the ideas to understand how our economic fiat money reality works. Mosler taught the most important economist Bill Mitchell, who paid attention from the beginning and in 2017 Mitchell and Thomas Fazi, published the most important book on how neoliberalism got away with taking over European politics and how to win back our national politics for the people. Also don't miss Fazi's and Mitchell's other books! Learn MMT on my resource page on MMT here. Listen to Mosler and Mitchell in their videos a bit down. You might like to begin with Mitchell's intro to MMT:

My page with some of the most important sociology texts on the neoliberal conspiracy:

NB. there are many very important MMT groups on Facebook I have a page called MMT Scandinavia. But don't settle with that one ;)

Here is my page get out of the corporate cave on CIA's Phoenix program:

Here is my page on the true history of WW2 and after, where the US hired all the worst nazis, who entered the US intel agencies and went on contributing to the US nazi-like nation destructions, we have seen since around the world. We need to stop this insane corporate machine: Getting this history right is crucial to fight the (same) corporate powers today, which were behind Hitler. Here are two quotes from the page;
'The US prosecution during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunals made clear that neither the rise of the Nazis, nor WWII nor the holocaust would have been possible without the financial and logistical support of IG Farben. Today, more than six decades since the end of WWII, mankind has yet to solve one of the greatest riddles: How come that none of the international organizations that set out to preserve the memory of this war and the holocaust has not pointed their fingers at these historic facts?' Profit over Life

'After 60 years where students and teachers alike have been deprived of any information about the corporate background of WWII, it is time that the textbooks of history, as well as political and social sciences, are re-written.' Introduction for schools and colleges: Without IG Farben, WWII would not have been possible!, Profit over Life

But you will find many, many more interesting pages on my site. Pls like it, if you do.

Thanks dear FB friends. It is and it has been a pure privilege.